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Master Tree Academy believes that social skills and being aware of what makes us unique as humans are the key of joy, success and happiness in life! We committed to educating students in a community that fosters and celebrates social and academic excellence and wellness through empathy, dignity and respect. We desire to give every child the best educational experience possible.


Our collective goal is for our students to demonstrate:

- Empathy, Honesty, Integrity and Good Judgment
- Competence of basic and advanced life skills in the area of:

   social, linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and  

   emotional development
- An Inquiring and Non-Discriminating Mind and a Passion for knowledge  

   and learning

- Strong Self-Esteem and Confidence
- Critical and Independent Thinking
- High Personal Expectation and Motivation
Tolerance and Respect for


The MTA Expectations, Levels of Infractions, and Responses have been established to help accomplish this collective goal and to help create a positive and safe learning environment. The MTA staff encourages good manners and appropriate behavior.


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