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Our Philosophy

Master Tree Academy values a structured yet creative learning curriculum balancing the use of modern technology with nature-connected and life-skill oriented enrichment. We emphasize a nurturing school environment, that allows each individual student the freedom to explore their own way of learning. Our artistic and imaginative approaches to intellectual concepts stimulate the children self-motivation as they grow through each particular stage of development.


Each academic segment is designed to awaken interest in what is learned and how it can be applied through hands-on projects. We motivate our students to express their individuality, while discovering the joy of collaborating and presenting their work together. This increases our students ability to communicate their ideas, develops their social thinking and motivates finding solutions together. Our goal is to foster enthusiasm for learning, and with it a passion for wanting to better understand the world they live in. Our teachers encourage our students to breathe life into academic subjects that reflect their own strengths and talents.

Our school regards our children’s Body-Mind-Spirit-Heart-and-Soul-Connection as an important part of early education. Our mindfulness curriculum is non-denominational and inclusive. It prepares our students for finding harmonious individual ways to physical, spiritual and social-emotional wellness.

Overall, we strive for high standards of work and behavior and recognize that alongside an all-round ability and the self-confidence to participate fully in life, children should also take from their school a sense of gratitude and responsibility for nature and fellow human beings.

Master Tree Academy values respect and kindness among and toward all staff, teachers, students and parents equally. We support social-emotional health of all students. We understand the challenges our children are facing in today’s world and gladly take the time to empathically address those with you as they arise. We can also provide mental-emotional therapeutic support on request.

”Our highest endeavor must be
to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives ”
- Marie Steiner

The emphasis and exposure to application and practical value of knowledge helps to build a necessary bridge between school and home. Not only does it allow each child discover their own unique interests and goals in life, but also facilitates more passionate and meaningful learning style, that encourages a sense of community connection that MTA encompasses.


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